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26.06.04 – 04.09.2004
Gitte Weise Galerie, Berlin

Pip Culbert
Wall Tent (Zelt)
273 x 515 cm (variable)
material, wood, cord and nails


Pip Culberts work transcends the borders between art and every-day-life. Discarded objects from our daily life, e.g. trousers, shirts, bags, and cushions find a new context and literally are given a new existence. Pip Culbert chooses objects we all recognize from our personal use challenging the way we see and think about them.
On first look we encounter the fabric outlines of objects whose inner mass has been cut away leaving behind all but the seams and threads. Weightlessness pervades these works and we wish to hold them to discover their two-dimensional secret. They simulate depth and volume yet remain virtual in character. What at first may appear abstract and timeless can somehow revert simultaneously to a metaphor for personal memory. The works’ mathematical rigor and economy of line is balanced by their materiality as it is with the presence of used objects or articles of pre-worn clothing.
Pip Culberts ‘walldrawings’ open a space between the aesthetic experience of vision and the associations these works invoke. Here the mantra ‘less is more’ – this apparently hackneyed circumscription for the concentration on essentials – is made accessible to the viewer in a surprisingly new and vivid way.

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