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SYDNEY | 18.05.2005 – 02.07.2005 | Looking Glass
BERLIN  | 21.09.2005 – 19.11.2005 |
Looking Glass

Looking Glass, Rotorua

Lambda print on Metallic paper
90cm x 118cm

Looking Glass, Potsdamer Platz

Lambda print on Metallic paper
90cm x 124cm


"When looking through the viewfinder into that beautiful framed world everything moves
in slow motion; our daily rituals, the ways we exist in cities, the ways we observe nature and each other. Gestures too, appear charged in some way. As if at any moment, a sudden glance or movement captured by the camera, opens up a window onto a world, which is ordinarily denied the casual everydayness of looking. As if the very act of looking, the choice to look is what put us there. Or maybe it is simply the reality of seeing things through a zoom lens; everything appearing closer and nearer. A stranger in the distance is suddenly within reach. Their humanity like your own, visible. And contained in their expressions, their slightest movement, their actions, their looking, are the infinitesimal clues to what it means to be here - in the world."
Cherine Fahd's exhibition, "Looking Glass" consists of 11 large-scale metallic photographs. The photographs observe people in the act of doing; gesturing in ways
that is intrinsically human. Taken in Sydney's Luna Park, New Zealand's Rotorua and
at various attractions in Berlin, the "Looking Glass" series captures people doing what it is that we do, our simple rituals, the ways we exist in cities, the ways we contemplate nature and the ways we observe and study each other.

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