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Sydney 19 November – 20 December 2003

colours of the Arctic Fells - Summer 2002 No. 1  2003
Oil paint, pigment and medium on linen
2 parts 130 x 90 cm each

Helga Groves translates rich visual impressions into purely abstract compositions. Her recent paintings and works in mixed media are an informed response to the landscape of north eastern Finland and across the peneplains extending into Lapland.
Groves's summer visit coincided with the brief seasonal thinning of the Tundra's permafrost. Within this Arctic landscape she observed the abundant low lying plants surrounded by mottled webs of heath and lichen above the shallow underflow of subterranean meltwaters.

The works in this exhibition focus on certain geographical and biological characteristics particular to this enviroment. While her mixed media works convey the changing diaphanous states of thawing ice it is in the paintings that she reveals the explicit and meticulous precision of her gaze.

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