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Sydney 31 March - 24 April 2004
True, True and Related; True, True but Unrelated

Sculpture No. 1607, 2004
waterjet-cut aluminium, enamel paint
93.9x78.7x1.9 cm

In this new body of work, Micah Lexier merges his interest in the quality of marks made by the human hand with the polish of an object made by a machine.
The series of sculptures consists of opaque and mysterious line drawings that are the result of a hidden creative process. Each sculpture is in fact a portion of a tracing from a photograph. The subjects of those photographs are unlikely to be revealed or in self-evidence from merely looking at the sculptures. Whilst these works look intentional, the viewer might never be sure if they are looking at an abstract drawing or a specific image.

Once again Micah Lexier entices us to be attracted to his sculpture as a beautifully made object and more. When looking at the work intuition would suggest that there is a system or reason behind its existence, but at the same time one could be comfortable in the challenge of never quite knowing what it is that one is looking at.

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