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Sydney  20 October – 20 November 2004

Still Life # 161 2004
Oil on linen
122 x 182 cm

Jude Rae

Painting is a material practice which bears witness to visual
tradition. It is marked by history, culture, perception.
For me this "witnessing" requires an intensity of observation which is different from mere scrutiny, and that might be described as more "attentive" than objective, more relational than subjective.
My aim is to create an image which has a visual density that does not depend on expressive or narrative content. Such paintings might be thought of as referring to the latency of perception, as mediating between the necessary limitations of daily perception and what Merleau Ponty referred to as "the delirium of vision itself".

Jude Rae
Canberra, October 2004

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