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Rendezvous mit Gitte volume 5

  22.02.2005 – 02.04.2005

installation view including works by, Aleks Danko, Paul Saint, Pip Culbert

Paul Saint

Waxing gibbous 2004
acrylic on printed fabric on MDF
30 x 134 cm

a group exhibition of recent works by 13 artists

Gitte Weise Gallery is pleased to announce the fifth volume in the ongoing ‘compilation’ series, Rendezvous mit Gitte. This new mix extols pleasure, irony, wit and earnestness, essential for
a piquant view of contemporary art.  An exposition of variance within a re-occurrence, Rendezvous mit Gitte is less a theme and more an action. If history is a volume presumed unbroken
(indeed - unbreakable, un-ended and even un-begun), a group show such as this one will be both glossary of what-was-had and an index of what-might-be.
The gallery with all its accompanying relationships offers itself and its products as a rarefied forum for scrutiny and imagination, a synthetic space for same such activities, which are perhaps sorely needed in the world at large.

Pip Culbert (UK)
Alex Danko
Paul Donald
James Dorahy
Cherine Fahd
Helga Groves
Micah Lexier (Canada)
Jude Rae
Sarah Robson
Sarah Ryan
Paul Saint
Christopher Snee
Sherna Teperson

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