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it's a complex world
2 June to 24 July 2004

Untitled 02 (it's a complex world) 2003
digital lenticular photograph
60 x 92 cm

We are pleased to announce Sarah Ryan's first solo exhibition 'it's a complex world'
at Gitte Weise Gallery Sydney.
The subject in this exhibition may at first appear random: a shoe, a flower, a t-shirt, a chair,
all incidental objects and situations. They pull gently at you, calm, crisp, quiet. Each accretes to the next, building the sense of a place, though it's not clear to us what this place is.
There is a consistency of tone, with an emphasis on white, which is broken by the startling, rich green of the garden image. The narrative is fluid and open, skipping from one moment to the next, yet it also appears as if it could all have happened within one day. The title it's a complex world attests to Ryan's desire to sketch in the margins of experience, linking those moments that require us to stop still, or the fragments of memory that remain from particular events that seem to have no importance at all, yet richly recall time and place.

Excerpt from essay by Russell Storer for the exhibition brochure IMA, Brisbane, 2003

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