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re-import of an Italian pop hit, 2007
(video DVD still)
4:12 min, 1 chanel video projection
colour, sound, PAL

Lasciatemi Cantare by Toto Cutugno is perhaps the most striking example of the catchy tunes full of Italian clichés that reminded generations of middle-class Germans of their recent vacations during the economic boom of the 1960s and ’70s. And so I chose this hit, in order to literally re-import it to Italy, to take it “back”, or “backwards”. A camera was set up at a site selected in Toffia, and I performed the catchy Italian pop song, singing both the melody and the text backwards. The film made of this was in turn played backwards at the recording site. In the film, aside from the metallic acoustics everything seems normal, except that passers-by walk backwards through the picture and decode the situation.



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