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TERRA NULLIUS (no man’s land) 2008
Outside: 5m x 5m x 2,80m / Inner space: 3m x 3m x 2,80m

The self-contained architecture seems to be an empty white cube. Only when the visitor enters what is concealed – the border between the inside and the outside – one becomes aware of the narrow aisle, where the actual exhibition takes place. While the external surface appears seamless and empty the inner surfaces of the walls are stabilized by timber battens. The timber creates a shelf-like structure, which alludes to the showcases and closets of the ancient “Wunderkammer”. For the exhibition twelve artists test the boundaries subjective perception and assumed reality. The visitors may notice cross-references between the known and assumed.
Artists works exhibited:
Lynda Ait Amer (F), Charlotte Bonjour (CH),
Taro Furukata (J), Nicolas Grimmer (F),
Ewa Kulesza (PL), Simon Jung (D)
Mikolaj Polinski (PL), Sophia Pompéry (D),
SteffiStangl D),DominikWeidner (D)



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