Ingo Gerken

Published by Kunstverein Apex Pro Art, Göttingen, for the exhibition
When Attitude becomes Norm

With texts by Christian Schindler, Nina Jaenisch und Marco Antonini
German / English
112 pages, 48 Colour images

ISBN 978-3-941560-56-7



Sarah Ryan

Published by The Green Box Kunst Editionen, Berlin, Germany.
English text from Dominic Eichler.
Catalogue designed by Manual Raeder with Julian von Klier. 48 pages colour, 2009

ISBN 978-3-941644-11-3




The Perfect Circle
Published by Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg, Germany. Texts by
Alexandra Millner,
Jens Peter Koerver,
Jonathan Turner,
Carl Aigner, and
Birgit Möckel
(in English, German, and
Italian) Hard cover edition 2009
colour, 180 pages

ISBN 978-3-941185-47-0



Renate Anger

Carpe Diem Paintings from 1979 - 2001 published by Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, 2001, Colour and B&W, with texts by Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, Britta Schmitz Barbra Straka and Wolfgang Winkler 120 pages, (English and German)

ISBN 3-931012-12-3



Renate Anger

Renate Anger: Kåthe-Kollwitz-Preis 2002 published by Akadamie der Künste, Berlin text Christina Kubisch, colour 32 pages (German)

ISBN 3-88331-062-X


Cherine Fahd

Trafalgar Square
published Gitte Weise Galerie Berlin and Stills Gallery Sydney catalogue essay Dr. Nils Ohlsen Colour
36 pages (English)

ISBN 978-0-646-47053-5


Cherine Fahd

Looking Glass
published Gitte Weise Gallery Sydney/Berlin, text the artist, 24 pages, 2005

ISBN 0-9750163-3-4


Cherine Fahd

The Chosen
published Gitte Weise Gallery Sydney / Berlin, 2004 catalogue essay Linda Michael Colour, 32 pages (English and German)

ISBN 0-9750163-2-6


Cherine Fahd

A Woman Runs
published Gitte Weise Gallery, text Cherine Fahd and Simryn Gill, Sydney 2003, B&W, 16 pages (English)

ISBN 0-9750163-1-8


Helga Groves

catalogue essay Ingrid Periz published 2000, Colour and B&W, 24 pages (English)

ISBN 0-646-39662-5


Helga Groves

selected works
published 2004, text Julie Ewington and Michele Helmrich, colour, 44 pages (English)

ISBN 0-646-44005-5


Christopher Snee

Selected Paintings 1997 – 2001
published by Gitte Weise Gallery, 2001
text by Bruce James colour 40 pages (English)

ISBN 0-6464-1052-0



Pip Culbert
Maria Kontis

IN ERSTER LINE... 21 Women Artists and the medium Drawing, published by Kunsthalle Fridericianum Kassel, Germany
Text Doris Krininger and Barbara Heinrich 160 pages, 2004 (German)

ISBN 3-927015-41-05






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